Name Phone City Email
Official Measurers work on a volunteer basis for the Boone and Crockett Club and measure trophies according to their schedules.
Rebecca Spring (406)830-0632 Alberton, MT [email protected]
Charles Sundstrom (406)864-4590 Alberton, MT n/a
Lennie Buhmann (406)853-0706 Billings, MT [email protected]
Brad Zundel (406)670-6824 Billings, MT [email protected]
Vincent Yannone (406)933-5332 Clancy, MT n/a
Ryan Rauscher (406)271-7033 Conrad, MT [email protected]
Luke Coccoli (406)590-2702 Dupuyer, MT [email protected]
Don Stemler (406)682-7743 Ennis, MT n/a
Keith Balfourd (406)370-1758 Florence, MT [email protected]
Frederick King (406)539-4115 Gallatin Gateway, MT [email protected]
Mark Sullivan (406)228-3710 Glasgow, MT [email protected]
Graham Taylor (406)453-6139 Great Falls, MT [email protected]
Harley Yeager (406)590-8401 Great Falls, MT [email protected]
Josh Pallister (406)449-5512 Helena, MT [email protected]
Alice Flowers (406)781-1721 Kalispell, MT [email protected]
Olivia Opre (512)689-3796 Kalispell, MT [email protected]
James Williams (406)752-5501 Kalispell, MT [email protected]
Brent Milliron (406)670-2461 Laurel, MT [email protected]
Jerry Brown (406)293-8884 Libby, MT n/a
Roger Selner (406)220-0038 Livingston, MT n/a
Bernie Hildebrand (406)234-0922 Miles City, MT n/a
Vickie Edwards (406)241-6259 Missoula, MT [email protected]
William Gillespie (406)549-8998 Missoula, MT [email protected]
Kyle Lehr (406)529-6212 Missoula, MT [email protected]
Kahla Louthan (406)544-7996 Missoula, MT [email protected]
Kendra McKlosky (406)579-9944 Missoula, MT [email protected]
Jack Reneau (406)542-1888 Missoula, MT [email protected]
Tony Schoonen (406)542-1888 Missoula, MT [email protected]
Justin Spring (406)542-1888 Missoula, MT [email protected]
Charlie Ebbers (505)850-0096 Missoula, MT [email protected]
Marty Malone (406)281-2017 Park City, MT n/a
David Conrad (406)883-4236 Polson, MT [email protected]
P. Franklin Bays (406)230-0334 Saint Marie, MT n/a
Larry Lack (406)827-0398 Thompson Falls, MT [email protected]
Bruce Sterling (406)827-4389 Thompson Falls, MT [email protected]
Jay Kolbe (406)499-2356 White Sulphur Springs, MT [email protected]
Name Phone City
If you cannot find a measurer in your area from the above list, you may consider searching for a Boone & Crockett measurer in your area.
Justin Spring Home: 406-830-6134
Work: 406-542-1888×204
Alberton, MT
Rebecca Spring Home: 406-830-0632 Alberton, MT
Troy Brown Home: 406-698-5375
Work: 406-698-3724
Billings, MT
Nathan Lozier Home: 419-651-4068 Billings, MT
Shawn A. Wahl Home: 406-853-3804
Work: 406-436-2393
Broadus, MT
Tyler Barnes Home: 406-683-6291
Work: 406-865-0133
Dillon, MT
Don Stemler Home: 406-682-7743 Ennis, MT
Fred J. King Home: 406-763-4327
Work: 406-539-4115
Gallatin Gateway, MT
Brent Milliron Home: 406-670-2461
Work: 406-322-8905
Laurel, MT
G. L. \Buck\ Damone Home: 406-538-7592 Lewistown, MT
John Fleharty Home: 406-535-7116 Lewistown, MT
Jerry Brown Home: 406-293-8884 Libby, MT
Roger L. Selner Home: 406-220-0038 Livingston, MT
Kenneth E. Ruzicka Home: 406-654-7243 Malta, MT
Jack Reneau Home: 719-661-3711
Work: 406-542-1888
Missoula, MT
Lennie Buhmann Work: 406-853-0706 Shepherd, MT
Larry C. Lack Home: 406-827-0398 Thompson Falls, MT
Scott Koelzer Home: 406-580-6087 Three Forks, MT
Ronny L. Nail Home: 406-862-4509 Whitefish, MT